Born in Thionville (France, 1979), lives in Rome.

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“I take pictures, therefore I am. Photography is my quest, knowledge of myself. As a primary need of spirituality, it is my special discipline. Winding the path of my loves, photography is my freedom, a trace of my journey into the labyrinth of destiny. My pictures are the hinge of my dreams, from bottom to the top of my soul; . Scopic pulsion, multiple desires, I magnify my happiness at being alive through visions. In my own way, I celebrate the poetry of things – sealing my pact with time, between life and death.”


2016      “colleciones”, foto CI mexico, festival internacional de fotografia, Districto Federal, Mexico
2016      “impacto!” Galeria L, Zona MACO foto, Districto Federal, Mexico
2014       “opus minoris”, White Galery, Bitume Photofest, Lecce, Italia
2012      “dentro di te cosa tua” Museo della Torre Brucciata, Teramo, Italia
2011       “dolce vita” PhotoIreland Festival, Dublin, Ireland
2006       “l’armoniosa anarchia” Fotografia, Festival Internazionale di Roma, Italia
2006       “l’armoniosa anarchia” Museo della Torre Brucciata, Teramo, Italia
2006       “reflets d’humanite” Musée d’art brut, Paris, France
2006       “reflets d’humanite” Visa pour l’image Off, Perpignan, France
2005      “l’homme du XXieme siecle, entre continuite et evolution” Fnac ternes, Paris, France,
2002      “carcel del buen pastor” Biblioteca de Cordoba, Argentina


2006     concours de l’engagement, Ministère jeunesse et sports, Moselle, France
2006     concours« Les jeunes qui osent », France
2005     fond départemental d’aide à l’initiative des jeunes, CAF Moselle, France
2002     premio « Miradas del encierro”, Facultad de sciencias sociales, Buenos Aires, Argentina


2015      something more beautiful, edition of 4
2015      opus minoris, edition of 10
2014      animal sentimental, unique edition
2009      financial Times + ghosts, edition of 15
2009      sa, edition of 4


2015      witty magazine, Italy
2006      mis en scene, France
2006      la revue de l’Inde, les belles lettres, France
2002      creative Review, UK